About Professional Baking

New York Times Review

Have you ever dreamed of baking like a professional? Do you fantasize about perfect pastries and delicious baguettes? Accomplished professional baker and renowned baking instructor Gail Sokol believes that with the right amount of understanding and know-how, anyone can bake like a professional with success and confidence.

Sokol brings her expertise and unique teaching style from the culinary classroom to the serious home baker in About Professional Baking: The Essentials (Thomson Delmar Learning Books; $55/hardcover).

This comprehensive volume includes the essentials of working with yeast and straight doughs, preferments, laminated doughs, quick breads, cakes, cookies, chocolate, healthy baking, and other topics in a highly visual and accessible format. With hundreds of detailed color photographs and diagrams, the reader will be fully prepared to quickly start using professional baking techniques and trouble-shooting tips at home.

About Professional Baking starts at the very beginning, teaching the basic principles of baking with the most fundamental components of recipes and formulas - the ingredients. It is organized predominately by ingredient, because each plays a major role in how baked goods develop and take shape. The focus is on learning how each ingredient interacts with another and the science behind those interactions, giving home bakers as underlying understanding and knowledge, encouraging their own baking creativity.

Each section contains introductory information and features a series of professional baking techniques. And full-color photographs detail each recipe in a step-by-step format. Also, the appendix even includes a thorough troubleshooting section as well as a detailed glossary of terms.

If you are a budding baking star then this book will help you on your way to stardom with your family, friends and whoever is lucky enough to taste your creations.